GTA3 Hidden Package Screenshots


I played GTA3 solidly for weeks but could not find one of the 100 hidden packages, despite having maps of their locations as part of the official hint book. I decided to start the game again, unlocking the three islands as quickly as possible, and systematically find and photograph each package so that I could work out which I was missing in my "proper" save-game.

Maybe these pictures, by showing the exact locations, will help someone in the position I was in. I'd already driven around the game two or three times checking each package location but there was still one left... A package I thought I had found but obviously had not.


The package numbers correspond to the maps and descriptions in the GTA3 FAQs (e.g. Hidden Packages FAQ by Ian Noble) and the Bradygames official strategy guide (which also has maps). Use them if you're having trouble finding anything and need directions.

The archives contain screenshots from both the PS2 and PC versions of the game. Unpack the zips and double-click the HTML files to see the pictures. PS2 screenshots are by me while PC screenshots are by Szûcs Gábor who was kind enough to send them in.

Picture zips (about 2.5meg each):

Bonus on-line-only guides on getting to difficult locations:

FAQs about these pictures

  • Where can I find maps and descriptions of where the packages are?
    The package numbers correspond to the maps and descriptions in the GTA3 FAQs (e.g. Hidden Packages FAQ by Ian Noble and the three JPEG maps by Pulverized2000) and the Bradygames official strategy guide (which also has maps).
  • Why don't you include maps and descriptions on this page?
    I did not want to duplicate the effort or steal anyone else's work. The pictures are there to supplement the location descriptions which are all over the web; for example, the ones linked in the question above. Also, check out the GTA3 Unleashed site which is linked above.
  • Which parcel were you missing?
    I was missing parcel #98 on the airport helipad. Several other people found that either this one or #69, on the casino helipad, was the one they were missing. Perhaps it's because the white parcel blends in with the white helicopter quite well.
  • I'm having trouble finding one or more parcels; can you help?
    By all means mail me but I get a lot of mail about these pictures (amoung other things) so I don't have a lot of time to help everyone personally. You might get a better, quicker response by posting to a GTA3 or general gaming forum where there are lots of people willing to help. Also, READ THE GTA3 FAQs because they provide maps and descriptions for the parcel locations and go into quite a lot of detail for some of the more difficult-to-get-to packages.
  • What's the deal with that hidden message?
    Check out my guide to getting to the hidden message. This message is in both the PS2 and the PC versions of GTA3.
  • How did you take screenshots of a PS2 game?
    Using a digital camera pointed at the screen. Since I don't have a tripod, some of the pictures turned out a bit blurry. Sorry.
  • Can I use your pictures on my website?
    Sure. Do what you want with them, provided:
    1) You do not make any money from them.
    2) You credit me for taking the pictures.
    3) You provide a link back to my site.

    If you make something useful let me know and I'll link to your page.