Green Theme for Rockbox on iPod Video/5G


Album Art version.
Patch-free version.
Charging and Hold.
Menu background.
Photoshop PSD file provided so you can edit or re-use parts.



  • Album-art version is designed for 100x100 covers.
  • If you get black squares instead of album covers then your BMP files are probably 32-bit and need resaving as 24-bit.
  • At the time of writing, album-art is not supported by the official Rockbox builds and must be added via a patch. A "patch-free" version of the WPS, without album-art, is included for use with the official builds for now.
  • Titles do not scroll.
  • Main text and hold icon are dark on a light background so that you can read/see them even when the backlight is off.


  • 19-Mar-2006:
    • Moved hold icon so it's easier to see without the backlight on.
    • Added shuffle icon.
    • Added charging and "plugged-in" icons.
    • When charging the battery percentage is shown instead of the remaining battery time.
    • Patch-Free version now includes the real-time clock as the patch is now part of the CVS build.
  • 12-Mar-2006:
    • First version.