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Multi-format archive plugin

for Directory Opus

This plugin for Directory Opus allows you to treat various archive types as folders.

Directory Opus is a file manager for Windows. Read my guide, Getting to know Directory Opus, for an introduction.

Directory Opus has built-in support for Zip files, including features such as AES encryption, >2GB archives, Unicode names, NTFS timestamps, self-extracting archives.

This plugin, which is bundled with Directory Opus 10, adds support for various other archive/compression formats, listed below.

With the exception of modifying RAR archives, no additional tools are required to work with these formats within Opus.

Read/write support:

  • 7z
  • BZip2
  • GZip
  • RAR (Including RAR 5. Read/write if WinRAR available; Read-only otherwise.)
  • TAR (TAR.GZ and similar compressed TAR files are treated as a single unit, showing what's inside the TAR and not the TAR itself. Modifying the content automatically recompresses the outer archive.)
  • XZ
  • ZipX (Support for the proprietary ZipX format is incomplete and some file types cannot be extracted due to their compression methods. This does not affect Opus's built-in support for standard Zip files.)
  • Comic Book Archives (cbz, cbr, cb7, with special thumbnails for the archives themselves.)

Read-only support:

  • ARJ
  • CAB
  • CPIO (Linux package format.)
  • DEB (Linux package format.)
  • DMG (OS X disk image.)
  • HFS (OS X disk image.)
  • ISO / UDF (CD/DVD disc image.)
  • LZH
  • LZMA
  • RPM (Linux package format.)
  • WIM (Windows Imaging Format disk image.)
  • XAR
  • Z (Compress)

Some of the formats are disabled by default. Some can be configured in various ways. See Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins within Opus.

The plugin uses parts of Igor Pavlov's 7-Zip licensed under the GNU LGPL and available, with source, from

You do not need to install 7-Zip to use the plugin. Only 7z.dll is required and it is automatically installed alongside the plugin.

The plugin is packaged as part of Directory Opus itself but you may sometimes find a newer version here between Opus updates.

  • Directory Opus 10 & above:

    You should already have the latest version of the plugin if you have the latest version of Opus 10 or above installed. (Newer versions of the plugin may be posted here between Opus releases.)

  • Directory Opus 6, 8 & 9:

    There is no version of the plugin for older versions of Directory Opus. Opus 10 brought with it extensive improvements to the VFS plugin architecture which the plugin depends on.

Archive plugin config
Use Preferences to configure default archive parameters and which archive types are offered via context menus.
RAR plugin config
WinRAR is used for modifying RAR archive. Normally it is found automatically, if available. There is special support for portable installs.
Add to Archive dialog
The plugin fully integrates into the Opus user-interface.
TAR GZ example
Viewing a file within a .TAR.BZ2 archive. Note that the archive is opened as a single unit, not a TAR file inside a BZ2 file.
7z example
Viewing image thumbnails and metadata within a 7z archive.
RAR example
Adding files to a RAR archive. While WinRAR is used for this, the Opus look & feel is largely maintained.
Comic Book Archive thumbnails
Special thumbnails for Comic Book Archive formats (cbz, cbr, cb7).

(Some of these changes were to Opus itself, rather than the actual plugin, but are listed here as they are specific to the plugin or the archive types that it handles.)

Version (20th January 2017):

  • It is now possible to add and remove file extensions to different archive types.
  • Comes with Directory Opus 12.3.4.

Version (28th October 2015):

  • Fixed incorrect handling of renaming items to the same name but with a different case within 7z and Rar files.
  • Comes with Directory Opus 11.17.

Version - (2nd July 2015 - 1st September 2015):

  • Support for .xz and .tar.xz / .txz archives.
  • Now reports copy speed during batch extract.
  • Now suppresses thumbnails and most metadata for video files, to avoid typically large files being extracted to temp for the data.
  • Now disables ISO handling by default, to avoid getting in the way of the ISO mounting built in to newer versions of Windows or similar tools (and because it could only handle certain ISO types).
  • Comes with Directory Opus 11.14 - 11.16.

Version (23rd December 2014):

  • Fixed errors when trying to add files or folders directly below the root of a drive to a RAR archive.
  • Greatly reduced delay when using the context menu to extract non-zip archives which contain thousands of folders.
  • Comes with Directory Opus 11.10.

Version (5th September 2014):

  • Timestamps in RAR archives could be shifted by the current GMT offset (when using UnRAR.dll instead of 7z.dll for RAR).
  • Comes with Directory Opus 11.7.

Version (4th February 2014):

  • Option to support reading RAR 5 archives by using UnRAR.dll instead of 7z.dll to extract them.
  • Option to create RAR 5 archives.
  • Comes with Directory Opus 11.0.

Version (29th October 2012):

  • Copies to and from plugin archives now preserve or ignore file and folder timestamps respecting the full set of possible overrides.
  • Comes with Directory Opus

Version (26th August 2012):

  • If you did a Copy-As from an archive and the new name you gave for a file was already in use, the Replace File dialog opened proposing the file's original name, meaning you had to type the new name again if you wanted to overwrite the file. The prompt now uses the correct name.
  • Comes with Directory Opus

Version (29th May 2012):

  • Fixed problem with archives below directories with names starting with spaces.
  • Comes with Directory Opus

Version (14th May 2012):

  • Updated to handle command-line syntax change in WinRAR 4.20 beta 1.
  • Nested archives now work, as well as nested archives work in Opus at all, within archives handled by the plugin. If you double-click a nested archive it will be extracted to temp, and you'll then open the temp archive. Any changes to it will still be thrown away, the same as archives nested within zip files. (This is about things like zip files inside rar files. This is unrelated to *.tar.* nested archives which the plugin has always explicitly supported, treating them as a single unit and allowing updates.)
  • cbr and cb7 extensions are no longer excluded from the Archives filetype group. (You can still remove them manually if you wish, e.g. so that double-clicking those formats opens them in a dedicated Comic Book viewer.) If you're upgrading from, the extensions will still be excluded and the quickest way to add them is via Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins: Turn off the cbr and cb7 types, click Apply, then turn them back on and click Apply again.
  • Fixed problem with Comic-Book Thumbnails not working in libraries.
  • Comes with Directory Opus

Version (13th April 2012):

  • When deleting files from encrypted RAR archives, the plugin no longer trigers an extra, unncessary password prompt.
  • Improved handling of archive formats with multiple extensions. For example, if you select "moo.tar.gz" and push F2 to rename it, only the "moo" part will be selected by default, not the "moo.tar" part.
  • Comic Book Archive formats (cbz, cbr, cb7) now appear separately in the list of archive plugins, so you can enable or disable them individually.
  • Comic Book Archive formats now get special thumbnail rendering in Opus.
  • Comes with Directory Opus

Version (2nd April 2012):

  • The plugin now handles batch-extraction by itself. This should improve how it handles certain situations and error conditions.

Version (23rd November 2011):

  • Drags from archives handled by the plugin now exclude Move operations for read-only archives (instead of leaving them available and showing an error message if they are attempted).
  • Comes with Directory Opus

Version (30th April 2011):

  • Initial public release.
  • Comes with Directory Opus