Small Internet Explorer Plugins

These three small plugins add extra options to the right-click context menus in IE that allow you to do useful things. Well, useful for some people, anyway. Each plugin consists of a bit of Javascript and a registry file which creates the context menu item. The technique for creating these plugins is documented in MSDN.

If you have installed Windows to a location other than C:\Windows you must edit the .reg files before double-clicking them. You'll need a text editor that understands UNICODE for at least one of the reg files. Use Notepad if in doubt.

I made imglcopy while Ben Joyce made the other two. (1KB) (PGP signature) Adds right-click menu item which creates a new email quoting the selected text and the page's URL. (1KB) (PGP signature) Adds right-click menu item which puts the selected text and page's URL into the clipboard. (1KB) (PGP signature) Adds right-click menu item to images which puts their URL into the clipboard.

Update 22/Dec/2009: The iemailquote .reg file wasn't seen as valid, at least on modern versions of Windows, but it's been replaced with a correct version.